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Van den Berg Engineering Webshop, the webshop for Motorcycle Tools & Equipment. We are a metalworking company specializing in motorcycles and motorcycle parts & tools. We have our own workshop with cnc turn and milling machines.

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Searching for the best Air/fuel ratio?

We got the right tools to measure it! This Digital Innovate Motorsports gauge works with a oxygen (lambda) sensor in your exhaust. You can watch the measurement live on the digital display and your Pc or laptop.. This kit includes the gauge, an LC-2 wideband controller, oxygen sensor, bung, serial cable, and the LogWorks engine-tuning software. €225,-

Optional is a data log/record system. So you can record all measurements and read them on your Laptop after the race. You can record 17 Minutes Per MB on a SD card. The price for the Optional recorder :€ 107,-
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